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Dear Citizens of Fulshear, Texas,

I am deeply honored and humbled by the support and belief you have shown in me throughout my quest to become Mayor of Fulshear. To the many friends, family members, and volunteers who stood by my side, your unwavering dedication and encouragement have been invaluable.

As I step into this role, I look forward to serving our wonderful city and each of you with the utmost commitment and integrity. Together, we will strive to make Fulshear a place where the heart truly is, a beacon of success and community spirit in our region.

Thank you for placing your trust in me. Let’s embark on this journey together to create a brighter, more prosperous future for Fulshear.

With gratitude and commitment,


Runoff Election Early Voting:

June 3 to June 11, 2024

Runoff Election Day:

June 15, 2024

How will serving as both Mayor and the President/CEO of the Fulshear Katy Area Chamber will benefit the community and local businesses?

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Mayor of Fulshear.  I love serving the community that I work and live in.  I am proud that I will also  continue in my role as the President/CEO of the Fulshear Katy Area Chamber of Commerce.

The dual roles of being both Mayor and the President/CEO of the Chamber would allow me to have a unique and comprehensive perspective on the needs and opportunities in our community. As Mayor, I would be directly involved in local governance, policy-making, and community engagement, enabling me to directly address the concerns and interests of Fulshear citizens.

Simultaneously, my ongoing work with the Chamber would keep me intimately connected with all local businesses, understanding their needs, challenges, and potential for growth. This would foster a synergistic relationship between local government and business, allowing us to create a more prosperous and vibrant community together.

In essence, through serving both roles, I aim to bridge the gap between the governmental and business sectors, promoting a stronger, more connected, and prosperous Fulshear.

Checking all the boxes...

A Leader

Don is an inspiring and decisive leader who will guide the community towards progress and prosperity.

A Connector

Don adeptly brings together influencers from various domains, forging powerful connections to drive positive change.

A Catalyst

As a catalyst for growth, Don ignites economic and social development, fostering an environment where opportunities flourish.

A Champion

Don serves as a passionate advocate and defender of the community needs, aspirations, and well being.

A Collaborator

Don excels as a collaborative facilitator, bringing diverse stakeholders together to achieve collective goals and create a harmonious community.

A Visionary

With unwavering vision, Don envisions and charts a transformative path, inspiring innovation and shaping a brighter future for the commuity.

Who is 
Don McCoy 

Meet Don McCoy IOM, the visionary force behind the meteoric rise of the Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce. As the President/CEO since its inception in 2013, Don has transformed this local chamber from a mere handful of businesses into a powerhouse, solidifying its position as one of Texas’ most innovative chambers.

With an unwavering passion for his work, Don proudly identifies himself as a Blessed American/Texan, driven by his relentless pursuit to make a difference and leave a lasting impact.

Don McCoy is not just your average Marketing Professional – he’s a seasoned maestro of ideas and creativity. With a knack for out-of-the-box thinking, Don excels in areas such as creative marketing, project management, promotions, public relations, and event planning. He possesses an innate ability to lead and inspire creative teams, energize clients, and execute objectives with unparalleled effectiveness.

But Don’s talents extend far beyond the realm of business. He’s an accomplished actor, director, producer, spokesperson, master of ceremonies, and motivational speaker. Although he humbly states, “I am really famous but nobody knows it,” his contributions to several noteworthy movies and television programs speak for themselves.

A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, where he majored in Management/Marketing and minored in Spanish, Don’s diverse skill set reflects his unwavering commitment to continuous growth. As a devout Christian, Bible Study Leader and Deacon, he actively contributes to his community as a member of Second Baptist 1463, the Katy Rotary Club, and the Fulshear Simonton Lions Club. Don’s impact reverberates beyond local spheres as he serves on the University of Houston Katy Advisory Board and served as a founding member of the Fulshear Police Foundation Board. Moreover, he’s a Lifetime member of the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity and the Stephen F. Austin State University Alumni Association.

Fluent in Spanish, Don’s international experiences have shaped his worldview. Having resided in Venezuela, Mexico, England, Scotland, and Iran, and having explored various corners of the world, his perspective is enriched with a global perspective.

Don McCoy embodies the spirit of community engagement, regularly volunteering his time and energy to support those who live and work within the community. His infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment have earned him the admiration of colleagues and the respect of business leaders far and wide.

Get ready to be inspired by the one who leaves an indelible mark wherever he goes.

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