Hi my name is Don McCoy and I am currently the President and CEO of the Fulshear Katy Area Chamber of Commerce and have been for the last 10+ years. I chose to run for Mayor of Fulshear because I'm deeply committed to serving our community where I live and work. Holding dual roles as Mayor and President/CEO of the Chamber allows me a unique perspective to address local needs and effectively bridge the gap between governance, business and community for a stronger Fulshear and more prosperous Fulshear.


My younger brother has been a police officer over 42 years and is the current Captain of the Fulshear Police Department. It should be no surprise that public safety is a top priority for me and our community. I am committed to working closely with law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and residents to address current concerns and implement even more effective strategies for crime prevention and emergency response.


My goal for the City's infrastructure includes comprehensive planning and investment including infrastructure upgrades, drainage improvements and coordination with regional partners to create a resilient, sustainable future for our city. With growth comes great responsibility, I am committed to improving infrastructure for better services and goods.


The most pressing issue for local residents is likely our rapid growth. To address it, I'll prioritize sustainable development, attracting and retaining businesses, improving infrastructure, and enhancing quality of life. But first, I'll listen to residents to ensure our actions align with their needs and aspirations.


Improving mobility in Fulshear, Texas, requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the growing needs of our expanding community. By investing in infrastructure upgrades, such as road expansions, traffic signal optimization, and sidewalk enhancements, we can alleviate congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and motorists alike. Additionally, promoting alternative transportation options, such as bike lanes and public transit, will reduce reliance on cars and decrease traffic congestion. Embracing smart technology solutions, such as traffic management systems and ride-sharing platforms, can further enhance efficiency and accessibility. Through collaboration with residents, businesses, and transportation agencies, we can create a more connected and accessible Fulshear for all.


Governance and Business have always seemed so adversarial. We need to bridge that gap and be known as a city that welcomes businesses and makes it easy to do business here. I believe development of Fulshear should prioritize sustainable growth that aligns with initiatives to attract and retain businesses, improve infrastructure, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.


Ensuring Fulshear's city budgets are transparent and efficient is paramount to responsible governance. We must prioritize accuracy and accountability, eliminating waste and unnecessary spending to maximize resources for essential services and community development. By conducting thorough audits and implementing strict financial oversight measures, we can identify inefficiencies and redirect funds towards critical infrastructure projects, public safety initiatives, and quality-of-life improvements. Transparency in budget allocations and regular updates to the public will foster trust and confidence in our fiscal management, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are used effectively to benefit the entire community.


In Fulshear, Texas, where floods and other natural disasters pose significant risks, robust emergency preparedness measures are essential to safeguarding our community. By implementing comprehensive emergency response plans that include coordination between local authorities, first responders, and community organizations, we can effectively mitigate risks and respond swiftly in times of crisis. Investing in flood mitigation infrastructure, such as drainage systems and levees, will help minimize flood damage and protect residents' lives and property. Moreover, proactive community outreach and education initiatives can empower residents to prepare for emergencies and take appropriate safety measures. By prioritizing emergency preparedness and resilience-building efforts, we can enhance our community's ability to withstand and recover from disasters effectively.


"There is nothing to do in Fulshear," a common sentiment often echoed among residents, underscores the pressing need for robust parks and recreation facilities in our community. As Fulshear experiences rapid growth and development, the demand for accessible green spaces and recreational amenities has become increasingly evident. By investing in parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, we can provide residents of all ages with opportunities for leisure, exercise, and social interaction. These spaces not only enhance quality of life but also contribute to community cohesion and promote physical and mental well-being. Moreover, parks and recreation areas serve as gathering places for families, friends, and neighbors, fostering a sense of belonging and community pride. Recognizing the vital role that parks play in enhancing the overall livability of our city, it is imperative that we prioritize their development and maintenance to ensure a vibrant and thriving Fulshear for generations to come.

If elected, my top priority is to truly represent the citizens of Fulshear by actively listening to and understanding their wants and needs. I will prioritize genuine engagement, ensuring that decisions are made based on the community's voices, not my own agenda. I believe Fulshear is where the heart is. In fact, HEART is in our name. FulsHEARTexas! I see Fulshear as a city that has a heart for community, prosperity and each other. A city that has a heart for innovation and inclusivity. A heart for an active business community by robust infrastructure, vibrant neighborhoods and opportunities for all residents to achieve success and prosper in all forms.